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HID and Halogen Light Beam Patterns
   Halogen 906 Driving Beam 100w       HID 906 Driving Beam 35w 6000k
  Halogen 608 Driving Beam 100w        HID 608 Driving Beam 35w 6000k
  Halogen 8" Oval 968 Driving 55w     HID 8" Oval 965 Driving 35w 6000k
          HID 505 Driving 35w                HID 505 Driving Pair 35w 6000k
     Halogen 8" Driving Light 100w         HID 8" Driving Light 35w   
      Halogen 608 Spot 100w                    HID 608 Spot 35w 6000k
        Halogen 608 Flood 100w                  HID 608 Flood 35w 6000k
  Halogen 968S 55w Oval 8" Spot       HID 965S 50w Oval 8" Spot Pair
  Halogen 6 inch driving light 100w        HID 6" driving light 35w 6000k
HID 8" Oval 965 driving pair 50w     HID 8" Oval 965 Driving 50w 6000k
 HID 608 Driving pair 35w 6000k       HID 906 Driving pair 35w 5000k
   HID Projector Foglight Pair 35w      HID Projector Foglight Pair 50w
  HID 5" Driving Pair 50w 6000k         HID 35w 5" Driving Pair 4300k
   Halogen 9" Driving Pair 65w              HID 9" Driving Light Pair 35w
 Halogen 6" Driving Pair 100w               HID 6" Driving Pair 50w 6000k
      Halogen 100w 7 inch Spot                Halogen 100w 7 inch Spot Pair
 HID Offroad TJ 50w 5000k Low      HID Offroad TJ 50w 5000k High
     Halogen 4" Foglites 55w Pair         HID 7" Headlights + Projector Fogs
                                                              50w 5000k + 50w 6000k
  HID 608 Driving Beam Pair 50w        HID 9" Driving Beam 70w 6000k
  HID 906 Driving Beam Pair 50w          HID 9" Driving Beam Pair 50w
All the above were shot using same Nikon camera,
same aperature and shutter speed. No Photoshop!